Pronouncement on the apology of the accusant and the main witness in the case against the archbishop of Prague

Pronouncement of the metropolitan administrator
Archbishop of Olomouc and Brno ThDr. Simeon
on the confession of sister R.
19th April 2013

The confession of Mrs. R. to her lying and perjury regarding her love affair is a great relief for the entire Orthodox Church and especially for the Sacred Synod, which can meet soon and clear archbishop Christopher from this ugly accusation. However, it is the most gratifying message for the family of R.: After all, there was no cuckoldry happened, there is no reason for divorce, the spouses as good Christians will reconcile each other, and both baby girls can happily grow in a full family with their mother and father.

Metropolitan administrator
Archbishop of Olomouc and Brno ThDr. Simeon

This pronouncement was dictated by the metropolitan administrator to the press secretary of the Olomouc and Brno Eparchy Mgr. Roman Juriga at noon on the 19th April 2013 for the immediate distribution over available addresses in the Orthodox Church.

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Петиция о возвращении Владыки Христофора ко всем функциям
Petition for the return of Archbishop Christopher to all his functions